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Saturday, April 25 2009

Redirect Gigaset phonebook to .tel (the universal phonebook from Telnic)

If you have not heard of .tel, it's a universal phonebook available as a domain name. The technology is simply using the DNS system: the .tel domain names are going to replace your telephone number exactly like a classic domain name does with the IP address.

This feed will let you use the .tel directly from your gigaset handset (I have a C470 IP)

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Saturday, November 1 2008

How to make your own screen saver on your Gigaset

This tip is exactly identiqual as the previous feed, you just have to redirect the address info.gigaset.net and set up a XHTML Mobile 1.0 page info/request.do

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Thursday, October 30 2008

How to add your own phonebook on the Gigaset C470 IP

This feed explains you how to build your own phonebook with a Gigaset C470 IP

This phone is able to lookup an external phonebook, while waiting to find a solution to add a new one to this phone, I am redirecting the default phonebook...

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Tuesday, August 26 2008

What about making websites in SVG ?

Just try these links:

- http://samgr.at/
- http://kilow.at/
- http://psykop.at/
- http://10000.kilow.at/
- http://miaou.cat/

I should stop playing with words and focuse on svg ;)

Monday, August 25 2008

Avahi & Rhythmbox

The aim of this project is to share music with friends using avahi and daap services.

I have patched source code of rhythmbox in order to browse external domain names

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F-Spot filesystem

The goal is to do the same behaviour with amarokfs but using f-spot for images collection ;)
I'll first focuse on amarokfs and then continue on f-spotfs, I have another idea to merge them....

Amarok Filesystem

The goal of amarok filesystem is to let amarok tags system accessible by filesystem.

For example: you have tagged all your music with amarok, and now you want that your freevo media player take benefit of the tags...

ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs$ ./mount.amarokfs -o database=/home/ed/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection.db,sharemode=symlink zik/
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs$ mount | grep zik
mount.amarokfs on /home/ed/fs/amarokfs/zik type fuse.mount.amarokfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=ed)
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs$ cd zik
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs/zik$ cd "By Artist"
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs/zik/By Artist$ ls | head
Abd Al Malik
Ali Farka Toure
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diab
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder

With this file system it will be possible to browse music:

  • By Artits
  • By Albums
  • By Genre
  • By Playlists
  • By Labels
  • By Tags
  • ...

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XmlAutoIndex is a module for Apache HTTP Server that browses your directories and produces output in XML. The aim of this project is to replace mod_autoindex in Apache, separating data from design. XSLT can be used to translate the XML into HTML, SVG, or XUL, for example. You can make your own theme by updating an XSL style sheet and without ever touching the core engine. Using appropriate plugins, you can show pictures, videos, and music.

Sunday, August 24 2008

Let's get on