ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs/zik/By Artist$ cd Air
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs/zik/By Artist/Air$ ls
afternoon sister.mp3  cemetary party.mp3         ghost song.mp3                 People In The City.mp3   Surfin on a Rocket.mp3
Allineed.mp3          Cherry Blossom Girl.mp3    highschool lover.mp3           playground love.mp3      Talisman.mp3
Alone in Kyoto.mp3    clouds up.mp3              How Does It Make You Feel.mp3  Radian.mp3               The Vagabond.mp3
Alpha Beta Gaga.mp3   dark messages.mp3          Kelly Watch The Stars.mp3      Radio ?1.mp3             the word ?hurricane?.mp3
Another Day.mp3       dead bodies.mp3            La Femme D?Argent.mp3          Remember.mp3             Universal Traveller.mp3
bathroom girl.mp3     dirty trip.mp3             Le Voyage De Penelope.mp3      Runck3.mp3               Venus1.mp3
Biological.mp3        Don?t Be Light.mp3         Lucky And Unhappy.mp3          Sex Born Poison.mp3      Wonder Milky Bitch.mp3
Caramel Prisoner.mp3  Electronic Performers.mp3  Mike Mills.mp3                 Sexy Boy.mp3             You Make  It Easy.mp3
Ce Matin La.mp3       empty house.mp3            New Star In The Sky.mp3        suicide underground.mp3
ed@ed:~/fs/amarokfs/zik/By Artist/Air$ file Allineed.mp3
Allineed.mp3: symbolic link to `/mnt/share/music/Air/Moon Safari/03 - Allineed.mp3'